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New to the Sangha (Community)

It's the wee hours of the morning for me now and I am rambling through notes and readings I have encountered this past year, my first year practicing buddism. I practice with a group and we have good connection and discussion with one another. But it feels somewhat narrow that my experience of buddhism is so far shared only with the small group of friends. So in a half dazed frame of mind, with my most recent subject in the forefront of my mind, I have found this group and joined - Hello all!

Here is what has been on my mind tonight and I look forward to hearing anyone's reflection on these things.

Starting with a page I found at http://www.faithnet.org.uk/KS4/Social%20Harmony/buddhismreligions.htm - here is a quote from that page:

"Inclusivism in Buddhism
Inclusivism is the belief that other religions, or philosophies, have POINTS OF TRUTH in them because they reflect aspects of, what is believed to be, the true religion in them. As such, a person can be 'saved' if they are living correctly even if they are aware of the 'true religion'. One of the main reasons why inclusivism 'works' is if one accepts that people are already 'saved' before, and despite, hearing the true message (You will only understand this last sentence if you have read the article Christianity and Other Religions). Although in Buddhism there is no God who saves people there is a teaching in Zen Buddhism which is very similar to the inclusivist view of grace as taught by the Catholic Church."

my ponder on this is:
1 - "a person can be saved if they are living correctly" ????
Or a person can live correctly when they have been "saved"? I think it's more like a person can live correctly when they have been "saved". And what is "Saved" anyway??? Saved from what? Well, I suppose there are tons of things people think they want to be saved from. As for me, I want to be "saved" from eternal separation from my Creator/Source, saved from eternal separation from Love, saved from eternal separation from everything I was made to commune with and in. Can the concept "Saved" correlate to the concept "Enlightened"

2 - What is the "Zen Buddhist teaching that is very similar to the inclusivist view of grace as taught by the (Roman) Catholic Church"? Did I miss something with that article? Or does it just skip telling the reader about that part after holding out that tidbit to get the mind to wondering? By grace I think of unmerited favor - Like when something good happens to you that you did nothing to deserve. So could the idea of grace in Buddhism be illustrated by when a Buddhist person shares their practice with a non-buddhist and that non-buddhist finds something they are seeking in this information and thus begins to practice as well? hmmm.

Okay deep ideas for an early morning after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to hearing from you all some time.

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